How to Avoid a Washout Work Function

washout work function

Proper planning of your work function will make the event a great success!

According to one of Murphy’s Laws, “anything that can go wrong will.”  This is very applicable when it comes to work functions.  They can be difficult to plan and manage because you want the right balance of fun and professionalism.  When you plan a work function you need to be able to effectively deal with any problems that may arise.  You also need to take into consideration a few points when planning your event to ensure that it is a success.


It is important to plan an original event or at least something different that you have done in previous functions.  If you plan a work function with the same theme or motif as previous employee gatherings, people will not be motivated to attend.  Thinking outside the box is a great way to encourage your attendees to show up.

Choose a theme for your party and roll with it.  You do not need to go all out with a Hawaiian or masquerade theme for example, but choosing a themed menu for food is a good idea.  Change the venue for your event and use the feedback from previous events to make your next one a smashing success.  If you do not have any feedback from the last party to go on, then do some online research and choose something fresh, and be sure to collect feedback from your guests this time around.

Setting the Date for your Work Function

Be sure to pick a day that is good for all your attendees and one that is most conducive to people attending.  You should not have an extracurricular work event planned for the middle of the week or on any major holidays.  The reasons for this is because people will either need to work the following day  or they will prefer to spend their holiday time with friends and family instead of at a work event.  A good idea is to plan your event for a Friday or Saturday night and have something that will draw their attention like a band or food.  It is important to choose the right day otherwise your event will be a washout.

What are your limits?

Be sure to have your budget in mind when planning your event.  Planning an event can be very costly and a theme or special motif can drag you way over budget.  It is also important to know that planning an event can be very time consuming and can take anywhere from a week to several months to plan.

If you have a small budget for a small event, then it is important to find a good balance between creativity and originality and your budget.  If you are, however, planning a large event and have a much larger budget then the best course of action may be to hire a qualified event planner.  If you let them know your budget in advance as well as any requirements you have for the event, they can help you to plan the perfect event and ensure it goes off without a hitch.

Depending on the size of your event and the budget you have in mind, hiring a professional event planner may be the best course of action. If you have a large event which will take lots of time to plan the event planner may be easier because they will sit with you and work within your budget and your requirements to throw the event with the best bang for your buck.

Event planners have all the connections and resources already set up in terms of equipment rental, venues, catering companies, and entertainment.  They have all the know-how and the skills necessary to plan the event.

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