Case Study: EVolocity 2014

The inaugural EVolocity event was held 29th – 30th November, 2014. It took place at two Christchurch based venues; Chapman Hall Castle, a private residence in Tai Tapu that was used for a Teacher’s Appreciation event and a Celebrity Meet & Greet event on Saturday afternoon, prior to the main eMotorsport event which was a full day event held at Mike Pero Motorsport Park on the Sunday.

EVolocity, sponsored by Orion, featured track events such as standing sprints (drags) and lap sprints for electric go karts, motor bikes and cars. It pitted electric vehicles versus combustion vehicles. It even featured a two lap race for modified electric bikes. The event also incorporated a high schools competition where thirteen high school teams competed in a number of challenges, using vehicles they had built during the year. The non-track events included two exhibition areas, a Dragon’s Den event, two award ceremonies, a VIP catered area, a celebrity meet and greet event, and a teacher’s appreciation event.

Collective Concepts was appointed as Event Management for the non-track components of the event. This began with assistance in setting the event budget, procuring suitable sponsors and then sponsor liaison and management. Collective Concepts assisted in the delivery of all sponsorship requirements to meet the needs of the principal event sponsor Orion, as well as all category and partner sponsors involved. Contracting and coordinating event suppliers such as audio visual technicians, catering, food & beverage wait staff and supervisors, spectator entertainment, graphic design and printers was also part of the brief.

At all stages of the event planning, consideration needed to be given to EVolocity’s three primary goals:
• Stimulate innovation in the electric vehicle sector in NZ
• Demonstrate the performance capabilities of electric vehicles
• Encourage young people to pursue studies in science, technology and engineering

To undertake this task Collective Concepts worked alongside Drive Electric (formerly known as the Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles), a non-profit incorporated society advancing electric vehicle uptake and innovation in New Zealand. Given the significance electric vehicles play in promoting sustainable transport as well as the sponsors involved in the event, it was important that Collective Concepts practice sustainable event management where possible to contribute to the overall look and feel of the event. Such aspects included reducing the carbon footprint by using locally sourced suppliers and products, waste minimisation by reducing disposable items at catered events, instead opting for recyclable and reusable options. Ticketing was predominantly transacted online to keep it as digital as possible and reduce the amount of paper required.

The inaugural EVolocity events have received good feedback from sponsors, exhibitors, and other involved parties, and Collective Concepts is looking forward to making the 2015 events even better.

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Photo credits: Chapman Castle images courtesy of  Richard Connelly and eMotorsport images courtesy of Simon Baker, Digiflicks.

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