Tuesday Tips: Choosing the best event or wedding supplier

Choose the best supplier for your upcoming wedding or event with these handy tips!


For example do you need a full service event styling package or are you just looking to hire the product and set it up yourself? Knowing what you need means that you can give potential suppliers the best information to provide a comprehensive quote of all the things you require and none off those you don’t. It also helps you to compare ‘apple with apples’ when you are looking over multiple quotes.


This was always my Dad’s golden rule and it has seen me right throughout my career! If you are just starting out in events or if you are getting married and don’t have experience in knowing what different services and products cost or include, get a few quotes to help you understand the pricing and inclusions. From these three quotes you may be able to decide on a supplier, or go back to them or others with more information to help them refine your quote. I sometimes even go through this process at the budget stage if I am dealing with a product or service that I am not familiar with.


Yes, money talks but you shouldn’t always go for the cheapest quote, nor does the most expensive mean they are the best! How were you greeted when you called or showed up at the showroom? Did they respond within a reasonable amount of time and with answers to all your questions? Perhaps the person offered advice to help you determine what it is you actually need. You need to be sure that on event day that the person or business will show up on time, with a great attitude and with all right gear to deliver the best possible service or product experience for you.


Ask friends, family or work colleagues who they would recommend. Does the business have a review section on their social media channels, Google or through a third party site, such as Trip Advisor (great for catering and venues searches) so you can see what other buyers have experienced. I also ask other event suppliers who they recommend or love working with…if the supplier has a good name amongst other suppliers in the industry you can be pretty certain you’re on to a winner!


This is a really big one! Not every supplier is for everyone or every event, and that doesn’t mean that they are not good at what they do, it just means that they are not right for you. For example, we know so many talented photographers but they are not all suited to each of our clients…it could be the desired style, the budget or the packages don’t fit one situation but you can be sure they will be perfect for another.

I guess I like to think of choosing suppliers almost like I would choose friends; the relationship shouldn’t feel forced or unnatural. A supplier that is ‘worth their weight’ won’t need to be micro managed they will know exactly how to create the magic without you having to say too much, they just need to be armed with the right information from the start. You won’t even need to be a mind reader, they will tell you what they need to do the job if you’re not sure.

Entering into a contract with your chosen supplier should feel like you are about to embark on a wonderful adventure that is full of mutual trust, open communication, and the desire to create an amazing experience for all involved.

If you want advice on selecting the perfect supplier for your wedding or event, let’s talk!

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