Congratulations, on your engagement! What should you be doing now?

Getting enChampagnegaged is such an exciting time. It is a chance to toast your relationship moving to the next stage and dream about how you will celebrate your love for each other with those closest to you.

Now you are engaged you are probably wondering what you should be doing. There is no real “must do” list and my advice is always to do what you feel is right, but to get you started on your journey towards marriage, I have put together a few things I think are important to consider before you pull out the wedding planning checklist and start getting down to business.

Celebrate, together
In the age of social media and over-sharing the first thing we usually reach for when we have exciting news is the phone to take a selfie or post a status to social media that will give your friends FOMO (that’s fear of missing out for those over 25 years old!).

Before you share your exciting news with the world take the time to celebrate together, live in the now and cherish these moments as a newly engaged couple – preferably with a glass of champagne in hand.

Tell your friends and family
You will be dying to show off your new bling to the world however I urge you to call or visit those closest to you to share the news first hand. Your nearest and dearest will appreciate the opportunity to share in the great news and congratulate you personally.

I am yet to meet a mother of the bride or groom that was happy about finding out about their precious offspring’s engagement with the rest of the world, via a public Instagram post.Engagement Ring

Size / insure your engagement ring
It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of your engagement and forget a couple of important points to keep your sparkly new ring safe.

Your engagement ring is likely the most expensive piece of jewellery you currently own and the thought of losing it or it getting stolen are enough to make you sick to your stomach. To avoid a little of the heartache should this happen to you, remember to have your ring itemised and covered through your insurance policy. Your insurer will advise you what is needed to do this but it is usually as easy as sending in a valuation certificate to add to your policy file.

You should also make sure your ring is a perfect fit. If it is too big (or too small) take it to the jeweller to have it correctly sized to avoid it coming off and going missing without you realising.

Wedding signDream about your perfect wedding day
Maybe you have been dreaming about your wedding day for a while or perhaps this is the first consideration you have given to the first day of the rest of your life as a married couple. Regardless, now is a great time to daydream together and think about what your perfect day will look like.

Thanks to Pinterest and wedding magazines you will likely find that your mind is changed a few times before you really get into planning the finer details but use this exciting time to discuss your ideas together; such when and where you would like to get married, who you will invite, the style of your wedding and of course how much you are prepared to pay for your big day.

Enjoy the moment
Most importantly enjoy this moment. Being newly engaged is such an exciting time and celebrating together along with the special people in your life is all part of the fun and the stuff that great memories are built on.

Of course, when you are ready to plunge into planning book a consultation with a specialist wedding planner to brainstorm a few ideas, discuss costs and start turning your dreams into your own unique wedding day.

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