Tuesday Tips: Event AV considerations

If you’re planning to include audio visual at your event, have a look at our tips to ensure a seamless experience for you, your AV team and your guests.

Don’t underestimate the importance of sound and vision at your event

When you’re planning an event don’t underestimate the importance of all your guests being able to hear and see what is going on. When you are obtaining quotes for your AV requirements it is very important to advise the AV company you are working with, with details such as the size of your venue, the number of attendees and what your objectives are in relation to your event. For example if you are planning to show video content to your audience it is very important that guests are able to see the screens or TVs as well as hear the audio, no matter where they are located within the venue.

Your AV team will be able to advise whether you are best to go with projection screens (not ideal in outdoor locations or marquees) or if large screen TVs would best suit your event, along with and how many speakers will be required with the PA system to ensure an even sound coverage throughout the venue.

Check inputs and outputs for your devices

Whether you are looking after some basic AV requirements yourself or plugging your own devices into an AV company’s gear, it is very important to ensure that you have the correct leads to connect your devices. For example, if the only connection option is USB and you are running a Mac laptop, you will need to have an adapter on hand. Many AV companies will supply these adapters for you (for a small charge), however you will need to advise that you require them in advance of your event.

Ask speakers what their requirements are well in advance

If you are booking an MC or have guest speakers as part of your event, ask well in advance what their audiovisual requirements are. This not only includes the style of microphone they would prefer to speak from, it is also a good chance to see if they will be showing slides, playing a video or music, or require an Internet connection as part of their presentation. You will greatly reduce the stress for yourself, your presenter and your AV company if you have all of the requirements confirmed well in advance and on hand on the day.

Remember that the requirements for live entertainment will differ to that of a guest speaker or presentation, so it is important to obtain details of the additional entertainment requirements in advance so your AV company can allow for this in your quote.

Budget for a technician

We always recommend our clients allow budget for a technician from the AV company to run the gear that has been supplied, for the duration of the event. Audiovisual is an increasingly important aspect of a successful event and there is nothing worse than the audiovisual going down and nobody on site knowing exactly how to fix it, or more important fix it quickly.

Do a site visit with the AV supplier

Where possible request that your AV supplier meet you on site to discuss your requirements in detail, in advance of preparing the quote. This site visit will allow your AV company to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve as well as giving them the chance to make recommendations that ensure what they supply will give you the best possible outcome.

Discussing your event on site in advance will also help your AV supplier to prepare a comprehensive health and safety risk analysis specifically for your event. They will be able to ask you and the venue staff any specific questions they have to ensure the safety of your guests and their workers.

Allow enough time for pack in and pack out

When you are booking your venue remember to allow enough time for pack in and pack out of your AV set up. Set up of AV will often be the first on the pack in schedule, as any rigging of lighting or sound into the ceiling will need to take place before tables and chairs are placed.

Your AV supplier will be able to advise how long they will require for pack in and pack out so you allow enough time in the venue hire and schedule other suppliers accordingly.

If you would like to be put in touch with our preferred AV suppliers, get in touch!

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