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Case Study: EVolocity 2014

The inaugural EVolocity event was held 29th – 30th November, 2014. It took place at two Christchurch based venues; Chapman Hall Castle, a private residence in Tai Tapu that was used for a Teacher’s Appreciation event and a Celebrity Meet […]

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sports event management

A Guide to Safe Sports Event Management

Whenever you host sporting events, you need to consider the safety of all the participating entities including spectators, participants, vendors, officials, and the media. By following these guidelines and understanding how you can manage and minimise risk, you will be sure to host a safe sports event.

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expo event

Top Tips for Success at Expo Events

You can ensure your success at the next trade or industry expo event by following a few simple preparatory guidelines. You need to select an audience, define your purpose, promote your booth, staff it effectively, and design it for maximum appeal.

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marketing package

How to Get Event Sponsorship

In order to obtain sponsorship for your event, you will need to bear several key things in mind. You need to have the right perspective, tailor your proposals, talk to the right people, go all-in from the beginning, and be prepared to seal the deal.

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event management cost

How Much Does Event Management Cost?

One of the best ways to minimise uncertainty concerning payment when hiring an event planner is knowing how event management companies bill you. Flat fees, hourly fees, and percentages of the total expense are the three most common ways that event management companies calculate fees.

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annual event

How to Create a Successful Annual Event

It is important to plan your annual event with creativity and originality. You need to remember that the goal is to throw a successful event and hear, “I can’t wait till next year.” Read on to find out how to plan a spectacular annual event.

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Case Study: 2013 Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards

This was Collective Concepts third consecutive year as event managers of this event, which is run by the NZ Chambers of Commerce Northland and hosts over 350 guests!

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washout work function

How to Avoid a Washout Work Function

According to one of Murphy’s Laws, “anything that can go wrong will.” This is very applicable when it comes to work functions. Check our handy guide to planning a great work function your colleagues will be talking about for years to come!

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Collective Concepts Marketing and Public Relations

Sponsorship for Events

Our experienced Event Managers are here to help you with that process and can work with your organisation to prepare a comprehensive sponsorship proposal that puts your best foot forward and delivers the best for both you and the sponsor.

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