The Product Launch: Why you should use an Event Manager

product launch for the Sleep Number range of beds

Collective Concepts managed the product launch for the AH Beard & Harvey Norman Sleep Number range of beds

A product launch is one of the most important events that any company can undertake.  It is your product’s debut into the world and marks the historic occasion where your product will finally become available to your customers.  It can be very exciting and fulfilling after long months of hard work since you finally get celebrate your success with the launch.  It can also be very nerve-racking.  It is important that your event goes off without a hitch and that the event is planned down to the last detail to reduce the margin of error.

One of the most important questions that will run through your mind when launching a product is, “how will we get people to start talking and keep talking about our product?”  Answering this question can be difficult and complicated, and it is for this very reason that most companies hire event managers or event management companies.  They will plan and execute your event to ensure a memorable and effective product launch.  This will help to boost your product’s image and keep people talking.

Our Event Managers are Great at Product Launches

Our Event managers will take care of every aspect of the product launch planning process with your guidance and input.  They will meet with you to discuss the key points of your product, your target market, the image you want to portray, and the appropriate type of event.  After determining your needs and budget for the event, they will present several hypothetical options for you to review and tailor the event to perfection.

They will reduce your costs and save you time because they have the necessary experience and expertise required for planning product launch events.  Event managers will manage the concept and design of your event in addition to all aspects of planning, execution, promoting the event (marketing) documentation, travel arrangements, catering, and logistics on a whole.  Hiring a planner is a great idea because they already have connections in their industry for caterers, venues, rental companies for tents and chairs, performers, musicians, and other forms of entertainment.  They also have the experience needed to host a successful product launch and ensure the memorability of your product.

Determine the purpose of your Product Launch

The obvious purpose when launching a product is to boost sales and introduce it to potential customers.  While this is the most important goal, you will need to consider several other factors beyond your main objective.  You will need to decide the ideal type of event your product requires since it cannot be generic.  The launch of a tennis shoe won’t be anything like the launch of a new luxury vehicle.  You will need to dig deep and figure out what message you want to convey with the event and ensure this message is consistent with the image of your product and company.  You also want to guarantee that the event isn’t just “an event,” but an EXPERIENCE.

Timing your Product Launch

Before your planner can actually carry out the event, you will need to choose the best time to launch your new product.  While some products can be launched at any time, there are several aspects to consider when setting a date to achieve the maximum effect.  It is important to time your event according to the type of product you are going to launch.  For example, children’s toys and child friendly products are best launched around holidays since there is likely to be a boost in sales.  Conversely, it would be a bad idea to launch a new laptop or electronic device right before the CES (Consumer Electronics Show).  It is also very important that you provide your event planner with enough time to plan a successful event; there is nothing worse than having to rush a job and leave room for error.  It is a good idea to let your event planner “leak” information about the product launch prior to the event to build public anticipation and boost marketing.

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