Our favourite spring wedding ideas to inspire your big day!

Spring, one of the most popular times of year for weddings, offers beautiful flowers, colour palette, and the first signs of warm weather; making it the perfect backdrop for any wedding. The combination of new buds in bloom and clean, fresh air also make taking photos a breeze! So, to celebrate the start of the blooming season, here are five unique spring wedding ideas to excite and inspire!


Incorporate spring’s best buds to beautify your wedding

Flowers are the ‘wow’ factor in spring and when thinking of a spring wedding we envision TONS of them! Flowers in your hair, on your dress, in the aisle, on your tables, and definitely on your wedding cake. If you’ve dreamt of a garden wedding party all of your life, then spring is the time to do it!


Want to extend the florals beyond your bouquet and décor? Think about placing your bridesmaids in flowing floral dresses or adding flower crowns to your female wedding attendants. Floral dresses and crowns are not only on trend but the perfect accompaniment to any perfectly spring wedding.


Pretty pastels to accent your day

You can’t go wrong with pretty pastel accents on your wedding day. Choose a palette of milky blues, mint greens, blush pinks and light lavenders to create a romantic and light feel for your wedding day. Plus, pastels make it easy to pick seasonal flowers to complete the day’s décor.


Offer a spring Drink

Spring is a perfect time to incorporate fresh blossoms into your wedding. One tasty way to do so is to create a signature cocktail using edible flowers. Another way to add a little floral flair in a refreshing way is to make a punch with flowers and filling the bowl up with a number of different things, fruit and flowers included.


Focus on greenery

Spring doesn’t have to mean a rainbow of colours. It can also be full of rich, dark greenery. Greenery focused arrangements have grown so much in popularity over the last few years. Elegant greenery hanging installations are also a beautiful way to transform a blank space into a spring paradise and perfect for early spring weddings when flowers may not be in full swing yet,


Embrace the season – and it’s forecast

If the forecast is calling for rain on your wedding day, don’t panic. Embrace the season with a plan that works around the weather, and that includes purchasing stylish umbrellas for your wedding party. The silver lining? Rain makes for excellent photo opportunities, and is considered good luck.


If you’re still in the planning stages of your wedding you may consider spring as a wonderful option for your big day, with bursts of pastel colours, fresh blossoms and the beautiful sun peeking out from behind the clouds. Spring really is a blissful season to set any wedding.


Planning a spring wedding? Get in contact with the Weddings by Collective Concepts team to see how we can help you with the planning and coordinating of your perfect day.

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