Bridal beauty: Flawless bridal make-up tips from the professionals

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As a bride, there can be so much to think about when you are putting together your perfect look for your big day; your dress, the style of your hair, and of course, your bridal make-up. Done well, your bridal make-up will add another level of elegance and beauty to your day. To help you out we have compiled a few top tips from the professionals so you get the perfect look.


  • Your make-up will only look as good as your skin does below it. At least three to four months before your wedding day, start a skincare regime as recommended by a professional. If funds allow, book in for a couple of microdermabrasion therapy sessions to exfoliate away the dead skibridal make upn cells and rejuvenate your skin. This will create a better base to apply your make-up on. But please, don’t rush out a few weeks before your wedding and try something new – this can lead to disaster!
  • While different fashion trends are great, don’t go for an overly “in” look for your wedding, as what is popular today, may date your photos in only a few years’ time. Choose a modern classic look at will suit your skin tone and look great in your photos when you are reminiscing in 15 years’ time.
  • It is a must to have a full make-up trial beforehand. Most make-up artists include it in the cost of their bridal package. This session is not just for you – it gives the make-up artist the best chance to deliver you the ultimate look on your wedding day. Speak up if you don’t like something or want a bit more (or less) of a colour or tone – the makeup artist is there to do the best for you and make sure you are happy. They prefer you to tell them what you like and don’t like.
  • At the trial, remember that your make-up is one important piece of a very special puzzle. Remember to envisage this look with your dress, your hair styled and your jewellery on. If you have a picture of your dress, take it with you to the trial so the make-up artist can get an idea of the look you want to create overall.
  • If you have a friend or family member offering to do your make-up, ensure they are using photo-ready products. There is nothing worse than seeing your photos after your big day and realising that the flash was bouncing off your make-up, creating a chalky white complexion in all the photos.
    bridal make-up

    Credit: Mariessa Waddington, MUA,

  • It is more than just about the face! Always make sure your make-up artist completes the whole look by including your neck and décolletage. Visible make-up lines are definitely never going to be a trend and can alter the whole look you are working hard to create.
  • Purchase the lip colour your make-up artist suggests following your trial. This way, you can always have fresh lippy ready to go for the ceremony, the photos and the after-party too!
  • Big rule – be really open to different tones of make-up and colours for each of your bridesmaids as not one colour suits all. A good make-up artist can still create a similar look between your attendants by using different shades that suit each person.

The biggest tip of all… SMILE – it’s the best way to show off your amazing look that you have created for your big day. Pure happiness helps you look more radiant than any spray tan and contouring can!








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