Wedding Hair & Make-Up Trends for 2022 & 2023

Wedding make-up and hair trends, just like other aspects of a wedding, from the dress to décor, accessories to florals, come and go from year to year. While it is important to select the most complimentary hair and make up for your face shape, style of dress and so on, some brides would like to opt for what is trending right now.

We have put together a what’s hot of hair and make-up options that we know will give beautiful brides currently planning their look plenty to think about!

Sleek and Straight

While a ‘wedding up-do’ has held high rankings in the hair game for many years, having your hair down is rising in popularity. Try a sleek and symmetrical centre part for a chic look. Brides who struggle to maintain curls or aren’t drawn to curls, can opt for this sophisticated style. If having your hair out isn’t your thing, try an equally sleek chignon for the ultimate in refined elegance.

The Braid

The braid is still going strong into 2022– whether it be boho, loose and flowing, French braided crowns or half up with braids incorporated, they are here to stay. Braids make it easy to incorporate accessories – clips, jewels, flowers, crowns and slides can be used to accentuate the intricate plaiting of your hair. Your hairdresser can even add extensions to give you longer braids or more volume. Go big with this style!

Up, up, and Away

The classic up-do will always be a crowd favourite. Whether it be loose and airy, sleek and structured or a casual low bun, you can’t go wrong with your hair up.  Another beautiful option we see more and more is the ponytail. The classic pony can be jazzed up to create something very special indeed – add some height by back combing the crown of the head, curl longer lengths or opt for a refined straight pony, cover the hair elastic with some of your own hair or a braid – the options are endless.


The last hair trend we see sparking joy in many brides is the grace and timeless elegance of vintage Hollywood glamour. A strong side part following the arch of the eyebrow with cascading waves is the style we are all swooning over. Think Grace Kelly and Rita Hayworth for this enduring style.  A modern twist on this classic can also be achieved with a middle-parted beach wave or soft boho curls, – add a jewelled slide and a simple veil and you’re set.


Make-up trends for brides change from time to time, but enhancing natural beauty is always at the forefront. Neutral meets natural glow is something we are seeing a lot of this upcoming wedding season. A lot of neutral mattes on the eyes, with radiantly highlighted cheekbones and brushed up brows are high on the list. A very soft contour of the face to highlight your natural beauty is preferred, gone are the days of slapping on war-paint like contour, a soft flush of blush and blended beauty is favoured.

While we are loving this softness for the face, a heavier emphasis on the eyes can also be seen. ‘Fox eyes” is achieved by winging out the top eyeliner and carefully blending out shadow with small angled brushes followed by applying lash bundles and clusters at the outer edge of the eye. This lifts the eyes and compliments most faces by creating bold, fluttering eyes.

Following on from this we also see the rise of nude eyes with full lashes. There is always something for everyone and this look is all about bringing out natural beauty. Rather than a dark and dramatic eye, this look opts for a softer, nude base with smudged eyeliner and as a result, this look is all about the lashes. Brides can go for a fuller natural look or top your eyes with some luscious long false lashes.

Blush is making a comeback! And not where you think. If you’re wanting that ‘blushing bride’ look, dust a soft pink blush over your temples as well as your cheeks to create a gorgeous glow.

Nude lips, metallic eyes – yes, you read correctly, nude lips and metallic eyes are here for the 2022/2023 season. Don’t envision early 2000’s Christina or Britney, but the nudist of pinks on the lip and neutral metallic lustre on the eyes are set to wow this season. A nude lip makes everyone look their best and with varying degrees of depth, there is a nude for all.

Do your research

Booking the right hair and make-up artist will make all your wedding day beauty dreams come true. Book trials for both to ensure you are both on the same page and take photos of the look you are wanting along to your trial to avoid disappointment. Then, let your chosen professional work their magic, with your guidance, that’s what makes a dream team.


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