How an event manager can help your company

event managers for the 2011 Harvey Norman Conference

Collective Concepts provide event management services all over New Zealand

Planning events can put the most organised business under pressure but you can eliminate the headache by hiring an event manager.  Event management generally requires a lot of time and attention to detail; it entails everything from organising, to budgeting, to creative planning in order to carry out a successful event.

Why Hire an Event Manager?

Depending on the type of company you own, you may decide to hire either a full time event manager (for companies that host multiple events) or someone who is available on an “as needed” basis.  Event managers will assume all the tasks related to creating and managing your event.  They will recover hours of your valuable time since they are professionals and can oversee every aspect of the process.

Event managers will arrange meetings to determine what needs you have, specific to the venue and the event.  They will study the intricacies of your brand and identify your target audience and objectives based on your customers and business strategy.  They will assume responsibility for creating the event concept, planning the logistics, and coordinating all the technical aspects of your proposed event.  Event managers bring all their experience from past events and their formal or informal training which allows them to quickly analyse any potential problems that may arise and solve them with ease.

Time and Money Savings

You will discuss every aspect of the event; this includes your aspirations for the event in addition to your proposed budget.  Whether you are planning a conference or a social event, an event manager will be able to save you money because of their connections within the industry.  Event managers know where companies tend to lose money and know which costs you can eliminate without compromising the quality of your event.  They already have a “black book” of catering companies, venues, workers, musicians, performers, and decorators.

In terms of time savings, they will be able to effectively conserve all those hours you would otherwise spend trying to coordinate all the details of your event.  Event planners already have experience and all the right connections within their industry to streamline and organise events.  They can create a single proposal or multiple proposals based on your initial meeting which meets your budget requirements and event objectives.  They will meet with you to explain all the details of each plan, after which, you can select your favorite ideas from all their options to tailor the event to your specific needs.  This guarantees that you’re focused on the most important details that require your undivided attention.  You will also have the added advantages of creating new contacts, representing your organisation, and learning from the planner for future events.

Carrying out the event

After all the stressors have been eradicated and the event manager has planned the perfect event for your company, it is time to carry out the event.  Event managers are also responsible for the successful execution of their plan and will be required to deal with any unexpected situations that may arise at the last minute.  They are adequately equipped to efficiently solve any unforeseen complications and perform behind-the-scenes damage control to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Hiring an Event Manager

When you decide to relieve yourself from the stress of planning your event, you will need to hire a great event manager.  It is important to choose the right person for your event.  There are hundreds of event planning agencies and freelancers to choose from, so some things you should consider are their fees, their reputation, the types of events they normally plan, and the terms of their contracts.  It is important to choose an event planner who best fits your business requirements and confirm they have experience, references, and a successful event portfolio.

Collective Concepts are experienced, professional event managers. Please contact us to find out more about how we can help manage your event.

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