How to Choose Your Wedding Rings

When finding the perfect wedding rings there are many factors for a couple to consider – frEngagement ringom budget to style, the personal preferences of your loved one, to getting the size just right, the Collective Concepts team have gathered a few helpful tips to ensure you enjoy the process.

History and Symbolism

Weddings rings have been part of cultural ceremonies for centuries. If we go back to roughly 5000 years ago, the Ancient Egyptians used to exchange rings as tokens of true love made from leather or woven reeds. According to mythology, the shape of the ring symbolises eternal life and love. The Romans are later said to link the ring to marriage, often adding personalised engravings of the couple.

Today, the exchange of wedding rings is a powerful symbol that has become part of many cultures and religions around the world. Unsurprisingly, choosing a wedding band that is just right for you and your fiance can be one of the hardest decisions to make!


Before you start looking at wedding ring designs, set yourself a budget and remember, your wedding rings are only one of the many wedding expenses to consider. We recommend allowing at least $1,000 per ring for something simple, but attractive. Ask yourself which part of the ring is most important to you and make that your priority.

Mix it or match it?

Many couples still choose to wear matching wedding bands to deepen the meaning of the bond they are  forming. However, if your personal style and design preferences vary, you may prefer to design or customise your own rings, while showing unity through engravings.


While silver and gold are still the most popular metals for wedding rings, there are plenty of alternatives available to suit differing tastes and budgets.

If you use your hands frequently for work, you can expect faster wear and tear on your rings, so consider choosing a material that’s more scratch resistant and durable.

Some metals are better for engraving, such as platinum, gold and silver.

Whichever metal you choose, check for the stamps inside the rings to ensure they are genuine and reflect the quality you’re paying for. That’s especially important for those allergic to certain metals. One stamp will be the mark from the manufacturer and the other is the quality mark which states the quality of the metal for example, 14k for the karat in gold rings.

Wedding and Engagement Rings


One of the earliest metals ever used in jewelry-making, silver is a popular choice for traditionalists. It’s simple, but elegant and more affordable than gold.


A classic that retains its popularity, yellow gold has been the first choice for weddings bands for centuries. It’s one of the most expensive metals, with the colour depending on the karat.

White Gold

A combination of gold and other white metals, white gold has increased in popularity over the years particularly because of its affordability, without the compromise of style. White gold is often plated with rhodium to enhance its appearance. It’s worth noting that rhodium wears off over time and needs to be re-applied by your jeweler.

Rose Gold

Also known as pink gold, this metal is a great choice for those who embrace modernity and love a new or unique look. As with yellow gold, the colour depends on the karat.


Said to never lose its shine, platinum is a white-coloured, hypo-allergenic metal – perfect for anyone wEmerald engagement ringith metal allergies or sensitivities. It does come with a price tag that can even exceed gold rings.


Similar in colour and shine to platinum, palladium is a more affordable wedding band option.


If the budget for your wedding band is tight, steel is considered to be the best option. It’s known for being scratch-resistant and durable.


Similar to platinum, this more modern metal is hypo-allergenic and also very light. Due to its darker colour it’s popular among those who prefer a little less bling or shine in their metal.

Other more contemporary metals with similar properties and appearance are (black) zirconium and tungsten. Tungsten is a hard metal which doesn’t tarnish, however it needs extra care for long term use.


Along with steel, ceramic is one most affordable options available. Although ceramic is a darker tone, it can be polished for a highly reflective shine, which adds an interesting touch.

Gem stone colour and style

Ruby engagement ring

White diamonds are still the most popular stones used for wedding rings, but other gemstones as well as pink, blue and black diamonds have increased in popularity over the years. Each stone comes in a variety of shapes, from the traditional round or square cut to more unique pear-shaped cuts.

Your personality and style will determine the look of your wedding band. If you’re fiery and bold you might like a ruby on a white metal band. If glamour and shine’s the look for you, an emerald on yellow or rose gold might appeal. If you are searching for a unique look, consider whether you’ll wear your wedding and engagement ring on the same hand. If they need to complement each other, you’ll find it’s best to choose similar styles.


When it comes to wedding rings, size does matter! We all hold our breath during the ceremony when it’s time for the bride and groom to exchange wedding bands..!

When you try your rings on for size, it’s best to do it after lunch time. Various factors can increase swelling in your fingers, making it hard to measure their true size. Fingers are most swollen in the morning because they retain water from the previous night, as well as after exercising.Engagement Ring

Body temperature also affects the ring size. If your hands are extremely cold, your fingers get smaller. If you’ve been sweating a lot, they expand. If you’re ever unsure, arrange several fittings and choose the size that fits the majority of the time.

When you’ve found the one…

If you’ve finally found the perfect wedding ring but are worried whether you’ll still love it in 30 or 40 years’ time, remember that you can always take it in for touch-ups or to make some changes – for example, you may wish to mark a special anniversary with the addition of engraving or by having another stone or two set into your ring.


If you’d like more advice about your wedding or need assistance with wedding planning, get in touch with the Collective Concepts team for a complimentary, obligation free consultation!



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