How to create beautiful wedding decor on a budget

Guest Contributor: Fellon King, owner of The Little Hire Company
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Credit: The Little Hire Company

Credit: The Little Hire Company

Allocating a budget for wedding décor for your ceremony and reception is a tough one – it’s not like you’re likely to have ever had to dress a venue before and you want it to be memorable and encompass both of you. This is your perfect day after all. Couples can spend anywhere from $300 to $2000 plus on wedding décor for their ceremony and reception, with the average being about $600 on décor and props.

To keep your finances in check, here are some of my top tips for creating beautiful wedding decor on a budget:



Market flowers

So many couples on a limited budget believe flowers are simply out of reach. I believe flowers really create something special at weddings, without them your tables can look a little stark. Market flowers are offered at many florists now, or you can specifically seek out florist wholesalers that sell direct to the public.

By getting a few varieties of flowers and mixing them in with foliage, you can create simple arrangements for your guest tables that won’t blow your budget. Foliage can be bought, or as an alternative check out your own garden or that of friends and family. Olive, eucalyptus and even fruit tree foliage looks great and can be cut up to a day or two prior to your wedding if kept in water. Making up your arrangements the day before your wedding and keeping in a cool place is acceptable too if you are worried about having enough time, or delegate to a friend or family member to put them together on the morning of your wedding.


Credit: Tegan Johnson Photography

Credit: Tegan Johnson Photography

Candles – and lots of them!

Not having flowers? No problem! To avoid guest tables looking stark, incorporating candlelight is a must, and this can be really inexpensive. Different heights work really well, just make sure it’s not anything that can be easily tipped over and be a fire hazard if you are using real candles. Mixing up coloured or patterned voltives with plain ones looks great too – all for around $1.50-$2.00 depending on what you choose.




Redefining mirror tiles

Such an understated accessory on the table – mirrors mainly come round, square or rectangular and are placed under centrepieces. Price wise they range between $3.00-$4.00 and can be placed under centrepieces creating the illusion of more space. Using them under flowers works really well, as it gives off the illusion that there are more flowers and the same can be said about candles.



Credit: Heather & Doug Records

Credit: Heather & Doug Records

Table runners

Don’t underestimate the impact of the table runner! If your table décor budget is tight, opt for a patterned, lace or sequin table runner and keep everything else low key – think voltives or a vase with floating candles. If you can add in a display mirror for underneath even better – the illusion of space created really finishes off the table. You can easily dress a guest table for $15.00-$20.00 this way.





Credit: The Little Hire Company

Talk to a hire company

One of my biggest styling tips for any budget is to go and check out a décor hire company and discuss a  few different décor trends and ideas – it will save you so much money and stress when planning your wedding. They will give you some great advice, and if you let them know your budget and what style you’re after they can suggest how you can get the most bang for your buck! All too often I’ve had clients who come to me with a treasure chest of things they have bought on sale or online because they were such a good deal, but no real idea of how they will be used. Build a clear idea of what you want and then stick to it – don’t be side-tracked, or it will be far more costly in the end.


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