How to Get More from Your Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer adviceWhat would a great wedding be without a wedding photographer to commemorate the day? Whether you’re shelling out for the best professional in your area or making the most of the finely tuned skills of a friend, there are ways you can get more from your wedding photography experience.

Liaise with your wedding photographer in advance

If your wedding photographer turns up on the day without knowing what you want from your images, you’re going to waste precious time making decisions on the day. Not only does this mean less time enjoying the celebrations, it means you get less images to choose from for the fee you’re paying. Before the day, talk to your wedding photographer and let them know what you want. If you’re looking for inspiration, use some of their previous work or wedding magazines, then discuss your ideas with them.

Make sure you’re well prepared

Your wedding day is going to be a little nerve racking, but that doesn’t mean you should indulge in more than one or two drinks before the photography takes place. If you simply must sink a lot of champagne, make sure it’s after the more ‘formal’ images are taken.

That aside, pay close attention to any makeup you wear. Anything that’s too dark a deviation from your natural skin tone can look a little orange in the images, especially if the photographer can’t manipulate Photoshop accordingly. To get it right, use a makeup artist who specialises in weddings. You never know, the photographer you’re using might be able to point you in the direction of one who’s particularly good.

Make the most of daylight

Few forms of lighting are as flattering as daylight. In fact, many wedding photographers will even argue that no form of lighting is as flattering as daylight. If you’re holding your ceremony during the winter, try to ensure it’s early enough to get some decent outdoor photos afterwards. You can’t guarantee daylight for all images, but it is a precious asset for the main ones.

Ensure the wedding photographer really can gain access to all the key areas

While the majority of non-religious ceremonies won’t lead to a photographer being barred from the proceedings, some religious officials may resent their presence. If having pictures of the ceremony is important to you, choose your registrar carefully and okay the photographer’s access with them before they arrive. In many cases, those who dislike a photographer being present only feel that way because they’ve not been warned in advance.

In addition, why not consider letting the photographer have a little time with members of the wedding party as they get ready? Such images are becoming more common now and serve as a cute reminder of those butterfly filled moments before the big day began.

Let your creative side out and be open to ideas

Let’s face it, the majority of wedding images you see on social media sites today have some special twist or another. If you’d like to achieve the same, spend a little time creating moodboards beforehand. Discuss creative ideas with your photographer and other party members and look at Pinterest boards. Staged creative images blended with natural shots from throughout the day can make for a brilliant wedding photo album.

Above all, if you’re using your photographer for a day, take good care of them. Give them some food and drinks so they’re well fuelled for the event and let them have a little sit down every so often. A well recharged wedding photographer will produce much better work than one who is tired.

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