How to have body confidence on your wedding day

It’s a sad world we live in where 91% of women are unhappy with some part of their body. This blog could begin and end with one simple message: ‘LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE!’ But it’s not always that easy, is it? In an ideal world, happiness should not depend on the way we look. However, if there is an aspect of your appearance that you are self-conscious about then it can sometimes be empowering to do something that makes you feel better and gives you body confidence. At one end of the scale, this might be a case of choosing clothes that flatter your figure or putting on make-up in the morning. At the other end of the scale lurks far more radical solutions like fad diets and exercise classes or even cosmetic surgery.

Brides come in all shapes and sizes, and fortunately so do wedding dresses. Certain styles will accentuate certain features more than others, meaning that whatever your shape, there are dresses out there that will draw the attention to the parts of your body you feel best about. You can find tips online for matching styles to body shapes, or you could book a consultation with a stylist, although sometimes there is no better advice than that of family and friends. Before starting on your wedding dress journey you may like to read our tips on finding the perfect wedding dress here.

If you are carrying weight you feel uncomfortable with, or if you simply want to get stronger and more toned, then you might decide to try to ‘get in shape’ in preparation for your big day. This can be a positive experience, but is something you should do with caution. There are many dieting bandwagons out there that claim to be the ‘right’ or ‘best’ or ‘only’ way of getting in shape. How are you supposed to know which one will really work? The truth is, any kind of restrictive diet is not usually sustainable, and can even be harmful. Similarly, while exercise can and should be a part of a healthy lifestyle, going to excess can be detrimental.

Wedding planning should be memorable for all the right reasons, and those memories should not be tainted with recollections of obsessive, stressful or misguided weight loss regimes. Consider booking a consultation with a dietitian, nutritionist and/or a personal trainer. It may only take one session to set you up with a realistic healthy eating and active lifestyle programme to follow.

Other body image issues women sometimes worry about ahead of their big day are topics like glasses or tattoos. There is no need to ditch the specs in favour of contacts when you get hitched, unless doing so will make you feel more confident. You can take your glasses shopping with you to ensure your bridal gown is perfectly matched, or you could even select a new pair of frames especially to fit in with your wedding style. If glasses are part of your signature look, then wear them with pride and know you look beautiful!

When it comes to tattoos, even some of the most proudly inked women would rather not flash their artwork in their wedding photos. There is nothing wrong with covering up if you want to, and looking for a long-sleeved or high-necked bridal gown unfolds a world of stunning choices. Some women even opt to use strong cosmetic coverage creams to disguise their ink in more revealing dresses. The alternative, of course, is sporting your tattoos with confidence in a dress which displays them beautifully. Body art is certainly one unique way to liven up the classic strapless ivory dress!

No matter how much or how little you plan to do to boost your self-esteem on your wedding day, you should remember one thing: your One and Only will love you no matter what you look like – unconditionally. And so should you.

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