International Wedding Cake Trends for 2019

Over the last few decades wedding cakes have gone from simple and plain to becoming the most elaborate pieces of edible art anyone can imagine. It’s all about colour, effects and icing techniques – and of course taste. You want your wedding cake to fit in with the style of your wedding, to be an explosion for your taste buds, and a wonder of awe for the eyes.

One of the latest examples of decadence was the wedding cake presented at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Rather than sticking with the traditional fruit cake, they opted for a delicious lemon elderflower cake, covered in buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers.

With her creation, pastry chef Claire Ptak followed the latest trends in the wedding cake industry. Here are the top 5 styles to consider when planning for a trendy, unforgettable dessert in 2019.


  1. Botanical beauties

A lot of bakers these days take their inspiration from Mother Nature. Whether its edible flowers or herbs, succulents or cactuses, if your decoration is botanically based and edible you can be sure to have your guests break out in “oohs” and “aahs” over it.


  1. Drip it, baby

Chocolate lovers won’t get enough of these stunning creations. Having dipping sauce gracefully run down the sides of your cake is bound to create moments of pure joy and indulgence among the audience.


  1. Shiny and sheik

Metallic’s are in! Yellow gold, silver, rose gold or even a sheik and shiny black will give your cake a real point of interest on the table. Paired with sharp lines, isomalt glitter detail, or brush painted tiers, you can incorporate this look into almost any wedding style.


  1. The Monet-style

French artist Claude Monet became famous for his watercolour paintings, and his styles are now being used to decorate stylish wedding cakes around the world. Add on gold leaves or spray-painted marble and graffiti effects, to make your masterpieces even more unique.

Another version of this are hand painted wedding cakes. These require true artisan talent, but will guarantee that the result is 100% original. No artist will ever be able to replicate the same piece exactly the same again.


  1. Go all out!

When you’re looking at the latest trends there is basically nothing that you can’t do. You are only limited by your own imagination. Here are a few more ideas that might inspire you when you’re planning your own big day.

Are you tired of going with the flow and being tied to the colour white or fondant icing? Well, forget the traditional white wedding all together. Wedding cakes that are completely dressed in black, decorated with marble effects and edible flowers, are among the latest trends in the wedding cake industry.

Naked wedding cakes are also something to consider if you don’t want to stuff your guests’ faces with a ton of icing. These versions are also a bit more cost effective for those on a budget. Or why not take a spin on the wedding breakCheese cakefast with a cake entirely made from pancakes? Topped with cream and syrup, and with pancakes ranging in colour from velvet to chocolate, what could be better!

And….for those that don’t like the idea of a sweet wedding cake at all, how about a more savoury option – a cheese cake!

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