Kate’s Blog: Wedding Food Trends

Antipasto boards are a great option for stylised food stations at your wedding.


It’s fair to say I spend a large amount of my time looking at food, reading about food, researching about food and of course eating food!  Some could say I am a little obsessed with it but having spent most of my career working in food and hospitality I am fortunate enough that it is a job requirement for me to spend so much time sampling menus with my clients.  There is a lot of emphasis placed on selecting the right menu for the style of wedding, and rightly so as the guests will remember the food above almost every other element of your wedding.  So what are the emerging food trends we are starting to see grow in popularity?



Street Food

It’s no wonder this food trend has filtered through to weddings as it is hard to go anywhere and not see a pop-up restaurant or food truck selling amazing quality street food.  Couples can choose to showcase their own favourite street foods or choose dishes that celebrate their cultures.  Street food at weddings can be set up at various food stations around the venue or why not add excitement for the guests by having food trucks driving in and out throughout the afternoon or evening.  This will leave them wondering what amazing flavours will be arriving next!

Farm to Table

Locally sourced, high quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients are growing in importance as couples celebrate and showcase the specialties of their region.  Guests are becoming more socially conscious with a focus on the environment and sustainability.  This means knowing where your food comes from and telling guests the story behind it.

This wedding reception featured stylised food stations

Stylised Food Stations

Light bites are fabulous for a cocktail wedding party as it frees the guests to wander from station to station sampling small plates from a larger selection of menu items. Food stations are also being stylised to attract guest’s attention with their unique and elaborate displays, after all we do eat with our eyes first!  Think height, tiers, trays and hanging food items.  Stations encourage guests to mix and mingle beyond their designated table and often the venue styling will do away with allocated place cards and feature bar leaners and lounge furniture to encourage guests to get to know each other.  The ultimate in food station dining is to pair each small bite with a tasting glass of a perfectly matched beverage.

Comfort Food

A gourmet take on all your favourite foods, growing up – think Mac n Cheese with truffle oil or lobster, sliders, gourmet hot dogs, and homemade fish n chips served in monogrammed paper cones.  Adding a DIY element can also increase the fun factor for your guests such as having them create their own ice-cream sundae with all of the toppings to choose from making a vibrant display of colour and textures.

Cocktail Bars & Infused Water Stations

Mixologists at works at this wedding featuring a cocktail bar


Having a mixologist at your wedding can also be part of the entertainment as guests watch him or her prepare finely crafted cocktails with flair.  There is no reason why those who are not drinking alcoholic beverages should miss out.  Instead of a lukewarm glass of pre-poured orange juice, offer guests large glass pitchers and antique water dispenses filled with refreshing ingredients such as lemon, lime, mint, cucumber, strawberry and plenty of ice, served with a whimsical straw.



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