Matt & Georgy | February 2021

So many laughs and so much love! That how our team will always remember Matt & Georgy’s wedding day.

We met (on Zoom) during lockdown last year and then the Valentine’s Day Alert Level 3 restrictions in Auckland nearly brought plans to a grinding halt!

Georgy was the coolest, calmest bride, and Matt was not only the kindest being to walk the planet…he drew us too scale, aerial floors plans so we love him even more (perks of being an architect!). It was such an honor to play our part on this incredible day for this perfectly suited couple.

I’ll be honest, we’re having a wee post wedding blues moment over here…it’s like an adrenaline come down after the most epic day, but it’s mostly because our job is done, Matt & Georgy are married, so it’s time to say goodbye, for now.

Matt & Georgy, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and laughter – you deserve it!

Meet Matt & Georgy’s Dream Team:

Gallery images below from Sarah Rowlands.

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