Our top five tips to help you find your perfect wedding dress

Whether you already have an idea of your perfect wedding dress or not, finding your dream gown can be a stressful experience for many brides. We have compiled our top five tips to help you find your perfect attire.

1. Do your research
Have a look on line, in magazines or even on Pinterest to research the styles of dress you may like. Consider style, colour and practicality for the wedding day you are planning. Have these ideas on hand when you visit a bridal shop so you can let the consultant know what you like.

2. Know your budget
Before you head out for a few fittings or to consult a dress maker it is wise to consider your budget. There in nothing worse than trying on a dress that makes you feel fabulous only to find that it is three times what you can afford. This is the stage that wedding budgets can start to blow out if a realistic wedding dress budget hasn’t been set from the outset. It is wise to remember that while this may be the most important and expensive dress that you will purchase in your lifetime, it will still only be worn for one day.

When setting your budget be sure to account for initial consultations, alterations, undergarments and shoes so you are not caught short with unexpected costs at the end.

3. Book your consultations
Unlike other clothing stores you will need to make an appointment for a consultation at a bridal gown store. There is often a small charge for these consultations, however this fee is usually credited should you purchase a dress with the store. This consultation fee will generally book an hour of time with a dedicated consultant for you to try on a number of dresses and get an idea of what suits you and what doesn’t.

Take a strapless or convertible bra with you, along with the style of underwear you would like to wear on the day so you can see how it looks under the dresses you try on. You can consider any other undergarments you may require, such as bodices, once you have an idea of your favourite dress style.KJK-404 (Copy)

4. Listen to your consultant
Even if you have followed tip number one and researched the type of dress you may like on your big day, remember that these bridal gown consultants have a really good idea of what looks good on various body shapes from their years of experience in dress fitting. Along with the dress styles you would like to try on it pays to try on a few of their ideas too – it is amazing how many brides we work with that say they purchased a dream gown that they had never considered until they tried it on.

5. Don’t rush!
You will know when you have found the perfect dress as it will make you feel like a princess during your fitting. It can be tempting to rush into a decision or purchase a dress that you are not 100% happy with but this is your wedding day and you deserve to look and feel your very best as you walk down the aisle.

For some brides finding the perfect dress will take a number of consultations and for others they will know it’s the one from the first dress they try on.

Happy dress shopping!

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