10 Ways to personalise a wedding ceremony

Personalsie your wedding ceremonyA personalised wedding ceremony is the heart of your wedding day and gives the opportunity for you to set the scene not only for the remainder of your wedding day celebrations but for the start of your newly married life together. This is your chance to design an occasion that is reflective of your relationship and truly engages the senses of your loved ones.

There is nothing better than looking back on your wedding and knowing that there were a couple of things in there that were unique and special to you and your partner. Here is a little bit of inspiration to get you started on personalising your wedding ceremony.




Personalise your wedding ceremony

  1. Choose a special song – there are lots of opportunities in a wedding ceremony to play a song that is special to the both of you. Coming down the aisle, as you sign the register or as you walk out once your marriage is pronounced are just a few of these moments.
  2. Prepare your own vows – with the help of your celebrant or ideas you may have found online perhaps you have decided to prepare your own vows. You may like to do this as a couple or separately and only share them as you say them on your wedding day. Communication really is key here, if you choose to write them separately be sure to be clear with each other how may lines or words the vows should be. There is nothing worse than having one partner say a few romantic lines while the other has prepared a two page monologue!
  3. Involve friends and family – those close to you will be honored to play a little part in your day; whether it be as an usher, giving out programmes, saying a reading or lighting a candle.
  4. Add a keepsake to your bouquet – do you have a special brooch or a little pendant photo of a loved one who couldn’t be there in person on the day? You may like to include a little something in or on your bouquet to keep your loved ones close.
  5. Pimp your aisle – you can add colour, flowers, shepherds hooks, bunting, fabrics or backdrops. In fact the list is endless! Bring in your unique style and be prepared for wonderful photos after.
  6. Personalise your ring box – how about a little silver tray lined with moss for a nature styled wedding or incorporate your own hobbies by turning a tennis ball into a ring holder? You could also tie your rings to your beloved pooches collar and have them delivered to you – just make sure they are tied on tight!
  7. Pretty up your petal cones – if your guests will throwing be petals why not make up your own petal cones to tie in with your theme and attach them to the backs of chairs to double as “pew” décor.Personalise your wedding ceremony
  8. Have an “Unplugged” Ceremony – ask your guests to ditch the smartphone and cameras so all eyes are on you. Let you photographer capture the important moments and share them with your guests after the wedding so they can relive the celebration too.
  9. Incorporate live music – have a live singer or jazz quartet serenade you down the aisle. There is something about live music that really tugs at the heart strings and creates additional emotion to an already wonderful moment.
  10. Have your guests bless your wedding rings – before the ceremony have the page boy move around your guests with the rings. This is a chance for your guests to see the rings close up before you wear them as well as offer a blessing of a long and happy marriage.
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