Planning a Successful Launch Event

NZ Flying Doctor Service – A night with Sam Whitelock

Introducing a new product, service or venue space into the market can be daunting, so we have collated the following tips to assist you in planning a successful and memorable launch event.  Our goal, after all, is to help you turn potential customers into paying clients or consumers.

Pick your audience

Long-term, your launch event is designed to generate sales. However, immediate and high sales numbers may not be the purpose of the launch event.

If your goal is to increase consumer awareness through media exposure and reviews, consider inviting media reporters, editors and social media influencers. Alternatively, if the goal is to focus on product distribution, then consider engaging and inviting key retailers and industry influencers.

Ensure your messaging is clear and effective by focusing on your target audience and the desired outcome of your launch event. If you wish to cater to different audiences for different purposes, we recommend you consider hosting a series of events.

Brand activation: Diplomatico Rum Asia Pacific

Choose a venue for your launch event

Finding the right venue for your new product or service launch is essential. The ideal venue is interesting (but not distracting) and compliments your product or service.

Consider aligning the look and feel of the venue to your product or service – where you choose to host your launch event will tell your audience a lot about your brand. If you’re introducing a new drink, consider a stylish bar or a beverage retailer. If you’re planning to attract a local audience, ensure you choose a central and convenient venue. Ease of accessibility and car parking options are important considerations, as well as public transportation options if alcohol is available.

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Consider the date and timing

Consider the date and time your launch event will be taking place. Will it happen on the day of your official venue opening or the same date as your product’s release date?

Jump for Cancer Hagley – Event Branding

Consider when your audience would be most likely to use or enjoy your product, service or venue. Is there a particular time of year when your industry is at its peak? Are there any holidays or special occasions such as Mother’s/Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day that might generate additional interest if you host your event just before those dates?

Pick a theme

Creating a memorable and engaging event for your guests will encourage them to interact with your product or service.

Having a theme for the event will generate excitement and create an inclusive atmosphere. For example, if you’re releasing a new recipe book on healthy eating, offer cooking workshops, food samples and seminars on what a healthy diet looks like. Give your guests the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of your new book for a special price at the event or host a Q&A session. This allows your audience to experience how your book benefits them and you’re also presented as an expert in your field.

Air Liquide Christchurch Premise Opening (Photo: Krystle Photography)

Entertain your guests

The emphasis of your launch event should be on informing and educating your guests on your product, service or venue and how it enhances their lives. You also want to ensure your launch is memorable and fun, so consider how you’ll entertain your guests. The theme may help you generate ideas and you can also make the most of the venue’s existing amenities.

If there’s room for dancing, open up the dance floor once the formalities are over. If you’re releasing a new computer game, set up interactive stations where your guests can play each other and offer a prize for the highest points. The more fun your guests have, the more they’ll engage with your product, venue or service and the more likely they are to talk about it – long after the event finishes.

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MYOB – Interactive Photo booth

Get the word out

Create a marketing campaign to promote your launch event and generate a buzz around your product, service or venue. Use your social medial channels and include a unique hashtag in all your posts. Send press releases to the media and industry-related magazines, clubs, associations or businesses. Send a newsletter to relevant contacts in your database, for example, existing customers and consider offering them special deals or discounts at the event.

The more engagement you get prior to the event, the larger the turn out will be.

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Follow up with your guests

Make the most of the post-event hype and momentum from your launch event by:

  • Following up with everyone who attended the event reminding them of the unique selling points of your product, service or space (whether they made a purchase or not)
  • Continue to engage with your audience on social media
  • Consider running competitions allowing people to win vouchers, receive special discounts or add value to their purchase

If you’d like to find out more or would like some assistance to launch your product, service or space, our experienced team at Collective Concepts would be delighted to hear from you. Contact us now for a complimentary, obligation free, consultation.


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