Event & Wedding Planning Through Covid-19

*Updated 4th April 2022*

The tips here are not intended as official advice. Please keep up to date with current official advice at www.covid19.govt.nz or www.business.govt.nz


Plan your event or wedding with confidence by following the guidelines set out in the Covid-19 Protection Framework

When the region you are planning in is at Green or Orange there are no restrictions on attendee or worker numbers in place.

At Red, numbers are currently capped at up to 200 people and based on 1m distancing (whichever is the lesser) per defined space, not including staff. Click here to read the current sector guidelines for events under the Covid-19 Protection Framework.

While My Vaccine Pass verifications are not currently in place, they may in future if new Covid-19 variants emerge and it is deemed necessary by the New Zealand Government.

To read more about restrictions for your event, wedding, or gathering;

Click here to read about holding events at Red.

Click here to read about holding weddings and gatherings at Red. 


If your event or wedding needs to be postponed or cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions, get in touch with all your suppliers as soon as possible so you can put a plan in place to hold your event at a later date or discuss implications of cancelling.

Most suppliers will allow you to transfer any deposit paid over to a new date, within 12 months, if the change is due to a government enforced restriction, eg. your region moves to Red and event is planned for over 200 guests or in the unlikely event of a government enforced national or regional lockdown*.

If you are finding it difficult to align all your existing suppliers to a new date, speak to them about it. Many suppliers are teaming up with others who are able to offer an equally incredible service or product if there is no other viable alternative. Right now, communication, honesty and kindness are key!

*Suppliers transferring to new dates without penalty will generally not apply in the following instances:

  • Change of heart (As normal! We are often holding dates for you 24 months in advance and turning many other clients away for the same dates as you. Your date is secured with the non-refundable deposit or booking fee you have paid and the agreement you have signed)
  • Guests unable to attend due to national or regional border closures (by now, you should be planning with this in mind. If you or your supplier/s can’t make it to your location, this is a different situation and should be discussed BEFORE the signing of your service agreement)
  • Covid-19 Protection Framework level changes i.e.planning for a ‘Green, with no attendee restrictions’ event then the region you are planning moves to Red and you can only host 200 guests. Again, you should be discussing these scenarios before signing your service agreement.


If you had to postpone your event or wedding due to Covid-19 alert level restrictions, don’t leave it too late to re-book as this coming event and wedding season (2022/2023) is shaping up to be a busy one, with a combination of new business confirming and business that has re-booked from a postponement due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Remember that events and weddings can be held any time of the year and any day of the week – not just summer and weekends!

When booking a new date, do keep in the back of your mind that there is the possibility changes may need to be made again. The Covid-19 protection framework levels may change due to further outbreaks, or gathering restrictions may remain for many months. Ask yourself, can I run my event in Red? If no, make sure your suppliers know this BEFORE you sign the service agreement so you can discuss what the implications are should you need to postpone until the region returns to Green or Orange.


When re-booking or booking any venue or supplier, very carefully check their T&C’s. Specifically in regards to cancellations or postponements in general, but especially around Covid-19, as this will help to minimise your exposure to future cancellation or postponement fees. This will also help you to plan for them within your budget if they are unavoidable.

For professional and semi-professional planners: Any work method plans you are putting in place to minimise the spread of Covid-19 and keep your guests and workers safe should be integrated within your overall health and safety plan.

You can read our Collective Concepts Covid-19 Policy here, which now sits within our standard event specific safety planning.


With the Covid-19 Protection Framework in place, it is important to keep your guests or attendees up to date with any format changes or postponement information. 

In the case of a postponement, you may only be able to advise them that the event or wedding has been postponed and that you will need to update them further down the track with a new date or additional details.


Although the Covid-19 Protection Framework is now in place, we may still find ourselves in a situation where border and other restrictions, such as wearing face coverings, remain for some time yet. 

Click here to see the COVID-19 Traffic Light Protection Framework Summary Table.

You should regularly check for updates and confirm mandates here.


It’s been said over and over, but we cannot stress this enough. Everyone has been impacted in some way by the Covid-19 pandemic and the change to the Covid-19 Protection Framework, so now more than ever, it is important to be kind and work with your suppliers to find solutions to postponements and cancellations. Keep your guests or attendees up to date with your event or wedding plans and you can rest knowing you have worked to serve everyone involved as positively as possible.

Finally, see our Collective Concepts Covid-19 Policy on the website here.


If we can help you with re-planning your event or offer any further advice to get your plans back on track, get in touch for a consultation.

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