Top 5 Tips for Nailing Your First Dance

With guest blogger, Victoria Wray from The First Dance 

Your big day is fast approaching, and the thought of dancing in front of all your wedding guests is a terrifying thought. You are not alone. Many couples have absolutely no experience in dance before they come to me for their wedding dance lessons, that’s why I saw such a need to create The First Dance Wedding Choreography! Dancing together is not a common skill in today’s modern society and the ability to dance together is slowly becoming lost. I have a passion for what I do and have come up with my top 5 tips for making your first dance one that is to remember and most importantly – you nail it!  

1. Choose a ‘danceable’ and wedding appropriate song 

While this seems like a no brainer, it is actually a little harder for some couples than it sounds. So often my clients will ask me “What song shall we choose?”; “What is easiest to dance to?”; “What looks better? Fast or Slow?”. The simple answer is – find a song that has a clear, strong beat. This will make any style of dance a little easier. When you can hear the beat, you can’t help but move to it! Equally as important, listen to the lyrics of your chosen song to ensure it is wedding appropriate. Just because the melody of a song sounds pretty, doesn’t always mean it is wedding appropriate – think Backstreet Boys “I Want it That Way”….. a little one-sided don’t ya think? We want to ensure the song represents you both as a couple, that there are no negative or hidden connotations or inappropriate language. 

2. Be confident! 

Couple dancing

Photo credit: Anna Hart

Enter the dance floor like you mean it! Walk in together either holding hands or side by side looking at one another. You two are the most important people in the room, keep your eyes on each other, not your guests. Stand up tall, keep your chins up and walk in confidently. Once you’re on the dance floor, keep up that eye gaze and forget about everyone else in the room. Stay calm and listen out for your music cues. This lovely posture I talk about above will also ensure some gorgeous photos captured by your wedding photographer. Check out my Instagram for examples of my stunning, picture perfect couples nailing their dances @the.firstdance  

3. Stay calm when you make a mistake 

All dancers make mistakes, it comes with the territory and is totally OK. The difference between a professional dancer and a beginner is that a professional dancer knows how to hide it and keep composed. The worst thing you could do is alert the audience to the fact that you have made a wee error. Keep smiling, keep looking at each other and if all else fails, twirl! I give my clients some safe or ‘fall back’ moves they can implement if they blank for a moment. Only thr

ee people know your choreography, the two of you and me! You guests will have no idea if a mistake has been made, your guests won’t notice as long as you stay calm, keep going and enjoy yourself!

Couple dancing

Photo credit: Heather & Doug Records

4. The length of your dance 

We will try and keep your dance around the 3 – 3 and a half minute mark. If your song is longer, no problem! We can find a place to trim it down and fade out the ending. The good news is, your dance will fly by once you have your choreography under control – muscle memory is a great thing! I remind all my clients, I’m teaching you one dance to one song, the choreography isn’t going to change. If we can get those steps memorised, we’re on track to a winner for sure! 

5. Book lessons with The First Dance Wedding Dance Choreography and PRACTICE 

The best advice I can give you for making sure you feel calm, confident and crush your first dance is to book lessons with me. There is nothing worse than awkward side stepping or shuffling, cringing and waving on bridesmaids to take the heat off. At The First Dance, I create a one of a kind, individually designed dance to your selected song that is created for your dance ability. Professional lessons should be with a teacher who has experience in a variety of dance genres (like me) who can create something that suits the bride and groom’s personalities, style and individuality.  

Practicing your dance doesn’t have to be laborious – short and a sweet and regular is the key. Three small 15 minute practices absolutely trump a one hour marathon once a week. Keeping it short allows you to continue to enjoy the experience, it doesn’t make it a chore. Have fun with each other and enjoy spending time together. 

Couple dancing

Photo credit: Tegan Johnston


For more information about booking lessons with Victoria from The First Dance, get in touch via email, Facebook or Instagram
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