Top Tips for Success at Expo Events

expo eventWhen you have a limited period to successfully market your product and get your business name out to the masses at an expo event, it is important to do so effectively.  Here are some insider tips and tricks that you can use to ensure a successful expo presentation.

Understand your Audience

Before you attend the expo event and set up your booth or station, you need to know what type of people you are looking for in your industry.  Whether you are selling services or products, you need to know what your perfect client is and what they want.  You need to do your research into the past attendance records of the show to see what types of people attended, when they attended, and any other statistics you can use in order market effectively.

Why Are You Going

It is important to define your reason for attending.  You may have more than one of the reasons below, and even some that were not listed, but the bottom line is you need to know.  Some reasons include:

  1. Get new clients
  2. Sell a product
  3. Offer promotions
  4. Improve company image
  5. Media coverage
  6. Check out the competition
  7. Network
  8. Attend seminars and educational events

Design Your Booth

It is important to keep the design of your booth uncluttered and as minimalist as possible without detracting from the message you want to send.  Use lighting in your booth along with colour and large readable text to attract the eyes or passers-by.

Bright colours and movement will attract people.  On average, people are 65% more likely to stop at a booth with a television or projection screen with moving text or a videos.  Be sure to use your company logo throughout your booth and presentations so that the name and logo will stick in people’s minds.

Pre, During and Post Show Promotion

Before your expo date, you should send out emails or flyers in the mail to everyone in your mailing list, and encourage them to spread the word.  It is important to advertise in print, radio, or any other communication medium (including social media) that your ideal client would use on a regular basis.  Offering discounts or giveaways is a sure-fire way to grab people’s attention and get them to your booth.

During the show, distribute business cards and giveaways to your visitors.  It is important to get their contact information and interest in your product when possible.  This will allow you to add them to your mailing list for future marketing prospects.  The promotional gifts and business cards will also help you get into their minds after the shows.

When the show is over, remember to send a message to everyone who attended your booth and gave you their contact information in order to thank them for stopping by.  Reassure them that you appreciated their interest and that you look forward to hearing from them.

Staffing and Prep Work

Before the show starts, you will need to choose the members of your staff who will work the booths, or hire professionals who have experience with expo shows.  It is usually best to choose current employees who can answer any technical questions or company related questions.

It is a good idea to have “rehearsals” before the actual expo with a full mock up of the booth.  This will allow the booth workers to get an understanding of the flow of visitors.  It will also allow them to be prepared and eliminate any “stage fright” they may experience.

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