Warming up your winter wedding

Warm up your winter wedding with our top tips

While spring, summer and autumn are still considered “wedding season”, a winter wedding is certainly making a striking comeback and because, baby, it’s cold outside, it’s your duty as the wedding couple to turn up the heat! During your dreamy day, there’s nothing quite like a winter warmer or two to keep your guests cosy, enhancing the atmosphere and giving your day a gorgeous seasonal feel. To inspire your planning, we’ve selected the top 5 winter warmers for you and your partner to consider when planning your winter nuptials.


Wrap your guests up

Remember – warm guests are happy guests. Whether you’re getting married in a church or outdoors it could get chilly. Offer your guests a warm shoulder by laying out soft, fluffy blankets or wraps over ceremony chairs, or bundle them into a basket advising guests to take as they need. If it’s in the budget, giving guests blankets they can warm up with and take home are not only practical but also a fantastic wedding favour that your guests will actually want to use.


Toasty drinks

Nothing makes people feel cosier than a piping hot drink, so serve ‘em up pre-ceremony or as a warm reception treat! You can keep it as simple as serving coffee, or kick it up a notch with a hot chocolate bar, complete with whipped cream and creative flavours. Prefer warm drinks of the alcoholic variety? Spiked cider, mulled wine, and boozy cocoa are crowd favourites! Hot drinks on a cold day are always a good idea since they double as an instant hand warmer.


Hot Eats

Most wedding menus include a pre dinner canapes, entree, main course, and dessert, but imagine how much cosier the meal would feel with a warm bowl of soup. Who doesn’t love hot soup on a cold day? Wither add an extra course or serve soup instead of the entree. Other options include serving comfort food like a hearty stew, roast meats or a warm dessert. Wedding cake is a classic, but nobody says you have to stick to just cake. Why not add a hot apple crisp or chocolate fondue to your menu?


Add plenty of candlelight

Part of what makes a winter wedding feel “warm” is the ambiance. Use candlelight in abundance to bring a cosy, warm feel to your wedding décor. In big jars, small jars, pillar candles and tea lights. If your venue has a roaring fire – make use of it!


Bust a move

The easiest way to keep warm is to keep moving, so put on your dancing shoes and head to the dancefloor. Request the entertainment to play a lot of high-tempo, popular tracks to entice your guests to join – they’ll be moving and heating up in no time! Warm guests are happy and happy people dance at weddings.


With a little creativity and forward thinking, you can guarantee that your guests will remember your wedding day with warm hearts and a smile on their faces. Regardless of your choice of month to celebrate your special day, embrace the season and remember to have fun.


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