Tourism Marketing in your region

Do you have an exciting, unique or special tourism or hospitality product that you want everyone to know about? Collective Concepts has package options available or we can create a marketing solution to suit.


Focus Marketing Programme

TOURISM MARKETING PACKAGESIf you have a small to medium sized tourism or hospitality business within Canterbury, Auckland or Northland let Collective Concepts market your business to potential clients as part of your region’s true experience. Collective Concepts Focus Marketing Programme offers a unique marketing plan designed with your individual business needs in mind.  We listen first, assess your current marketing, and then work with each business on the programme to develop a collaborative marketing strategy with measurable outcomes.  Because Collective Concepts only works with a maximum of 10 tourism and hospitality based businesses per region, you are sure to receive personalised service.  Collective Concepts will actively promote your product, service or experience along with other complementary businesses, educating the people who sell the region as a destination on a daily basis, and providing you with consistent brand recognition.  We work with I-sites, hotel concierges, rental car and campervan companies, backpacker hostels and other tourism booking offices within your region; providing them with up-to-date information on your business.

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Promote Package

A quarterly product training and brochure drop service offering a cost-effective way to increase your brand awareness and get your product or service promoted and marketed to the domestic and international travellers arriving into your closest airport gateway, or already travelling within your region.  We conduct product training with i-Sites and key on-sellers, booking agents and travel influencers in your chosen regions to educate them and promote your business.  The main objective of the Promote Package is to get your business noticed so you see an overall increase in your visitor numbers.

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Tailor-Made Tourism Marketing Solutions

Neither of our current packages suit?  Let Collective Concepts create a tailor-made tourism marketing solution based on your individual business marketing requirements.  We can offer:

  • Marketing plans & consultancy
  • Market research
  • Client education of specific products & services
  • Brochure distribution
  • General promotion of events and much more

Contact us for an obligation free discussion on how Collective Concepts can assist with your tourism marketing requirements.