Tuesday Tips: Choosing the perfect venue

If you’re choosing a venue for your upcoming event or wedding consider our 5 tips to get you on your way.


Consider: number of attendees, set up i.e. dinner or seminar or canapés and drinks, do you need space for catering, exhibition, networking, dancing. There is nothing worse than a venue that feels too large or too small.


Newer, centrally located venues generally cost more than those a little further out of town. Venue hire may be cheaper if you are using other services within the venue, such as catering, whereas dry hire venues coming with a higher fixed venue price tag. Think about your objective, audience and price point for attending the event or overall cost per head when weighing up your options.


Consider: Is it need to be close to accommodation, near the airport, does public transport or Uber/taxi’s service the area, is there car parking, are guests moving between venues? If yes, are they close to each other and how will they move between venues? Is a central location important or is a rural outlook what you are after? What are you options if the weather is adverse?


Consider: Do you need to use the onsite caterer or can you choose your own, is the venue BYO, are their staff onsite for set up and/or service or do your suppliers provide the staff, what AV is included, do you need to hire furniture, linen, see security? Be very clear on ‘hidden costs’ from the outset as a marquee or dry hire venue may be appealing from a straight venue hire cost until you start adding in the extras.


Consider the overall ‘feel’ of the venue in relation to your event objectives or style. Rustic decor in a very modern building can come across as confusing for your guests. You want the space to feel inviting and safe for everyone working on or attending your event.

If you’d like more advice on choosing the perfect venue for your occasion, get in touch for a chat, we’d love to help!

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