Tuesday Tips: Event & Wedding Planning Through COVID-19

*Updated 20th October 2021*

Today’s Tuesday Tip is about getting your event or wedding planning back on track after a COVID-19 postponement.

The tips here are ‘food for thought’ and are not intended as official advice, as the government may adjust and alter restrictions. Please keep up to date with current official advice at

Contact your suppliers to postpone your current date….don’t cancel if possible!

If your event or wedding has been postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions at Level 4 or 3, or is impacted by gathering restrictions at Level 2, get in touch with all your suppliers as soon as possible so you can put a plan in place to hold your event at a later date. Most suppliers will allow you to transfer any deposit paid over to a new date in the future.

Don’t leave it too late to re-book as this coming event and wedding season (2022/2023) is shaping up to be a busy one, with a combination of new business confirming and business that has re-booked from a postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember that events and weddings can be held any day of the week – not just weekends!

When booking in a new date, do keep to the back of your mind that changes may need to be made again in the future if the government alert level is lowered and then raised again due to a further outbreak, or gathering restrictions remain in place at Level 2 or 1.

If you are finding it difficult to align all your existing suppliers to a new date, speak to them about it. Many suppliers are are teaming up with others who are able to offer an equally incredible service or product if there is no other viable alternative. Right now communication, honesty and kindness are key!

Keep you guests or attendees in the loop

Throughout this uncertain time it is important to keep your guests or attendees up to date with changes or postponement information. At this stage you may only be able to advise them that the event or wedding has been postponed and you that you will need to update them down the track with a new date or additional details.

COVID-19 restrictions may be in place for some time

While the alert level may lower we may still find ourselves in a situation where border restrictions and mask mandates are still in place, or only events of of a certain size or formatt are permitted to be held in Level 2 & 1 settings.

Keep up to date with current government advice, gathering restrictions, the potential use of vaccine certificates within the event and wedding industry, and other measures for keeping everyone safe when planning a new or re-booked event or wedding.

Minimise your exposure to risk

When re-booking or booking any venue or supplier, very carefully check their T&C’s. Specifically in regards to cancellations or postponements in general, but especially around COVID-19, as this will help to minimise your exposure to future cancellation or postponement fees, or help you to plan for them within your budget if they are unavoidable.

Any plans you are putting in place should be integrated within your overall health and safety plan (as usual!). You should consider adding in additional information around work methods for keeping guests and workers safe in light of COVID-19. Let us know if you would like to see our company statement and work method statement for managing COVID-19, that sits within our event safety planning.

Be kind, we are in this together

It’s been said over and over but we can’t stress this enough. Everyone has been impacted in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic so now more than ever it is important to be kind and work with your suppliers to find solutions to postponements and cancellations. Keep your guests or attendees up to date with your event or wedding plans and you can rest knowing you have worked to serve all stakeholders as positively as possible.

If we can help you with re-planning your event or offer any further advise to get you plans back on track, get in touch for a Zoom video consultation or face to face consultation at Level 2 & 1.

Create a QR code for your event

All venues must have a way for people, including staff and guests, to easily record their visit. You can do this by displaying a QR code for your venue and asking people to scan in. If you need help creating a QR code for your event, check out the Instagram Reel below for a quick step by step guide!

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