Wedding Catering Trends in 2022 & 2023

The recent global pandemic has forced us to rethink the way we plan and attend weddings, and as a result has influenced the way we create, present and serve food. Over the past two years, caterers and other wedding professionals have used innovative thinking and problem-solving skills to adapt to the times and we can now expect catering and weddings to maintain a certain level of safety precaution – keep a lookout for single servings and covered dishes!

Check out our top 7 trends for wedding catering in 2022 and 2023.

Cocktail Hour (or hours!)

Micro-weddings were, arguably, the top wedding trend of the last year and a half, as Covid-19 restrictions resulted in smaller gatherings and more intimate ceremonies. Couples and planners alike began producing completely bespoke, beautiful weddings on a uniquely small scale! Because of this, the appeal of the micro or intimate wedding has skyrocketed in popularity, as couples are now aware that small celebrations, that not only abide by government regulations when in place, can be as incredible, unique, and glamorous as large-scale nuptials.

And because small, intimate ceremonies often lend themselves to a more informal vibe, catering menus that are cocktail-hour (or hours!) only are as chic as can be! Think small plates, food trucks, and bite-sized desserts or a gelato cart in place of a cake if you’re looking to follow the trend of the coming season. If this approach is appealing, consider a late-afternoon or evening ceremony, so your guests can enjoy small bites and signature cocktails after sundown and into the evening

Local Foods

One of the biggest worldwide catering trends is supporting local small businesses. Now more than ever it is so important to help your local food and drinks businesses to show them how vital they are to your society. Selecting a local caterer will also support local produce growers and sellers, butchers, and retailers keeping these businesses open and adding character to the commercial event and wedding industries.


As many of us adopt more waste-conscious, environmentally friendly habits in our day to day lives, it makes sense that this approach would translate to weddings. Zero waste and sustainable living is something that is becoming more and more important to many of us and lessening the carbon footprint at your wedding is a fantastic way to do your part! Many caterers are providing a more sustainable service for their clients too. This includes providing organic food options  that are sourced locally, recyclable or compostable packaging and plates and even edible cutlery. We are also beginning to see the come-back of linen napkins as washable, re-usable everything is the trending the way to go. If these aren’t viable options, check the recyclable content on your caterer’s paper/disposable options.

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Another trend that’s in-line with increasing environmental consciousness and following on from our sustainability trends above, is plant based menus. As it becomes more widely understood that reducing our consumption of meat and other animal by-products can help reduce greenhouse gases.  Opting for a more plant-based menu doesn’t necessarily mean vegetarian or vegan, it can mean reducing the amount of meat per serve or opting for a supreme cut at a smaller size.

Grazing Tables

Grazing tables, or buffet-style spreads, are the Instagram-able feast for the eyes you’re looking for. They are a great way to wow the party with a gorgeous set up to both visually impress and taste delicious. Generally, a self-serve catering option, the arrangement of deli meats, cheeses, bread, fruit and other snacks to sample are displayed on a large board or table and curated with only the finest of locally sourced produce and cuisine – highlighting local cheese-makers, bakeries and anti pasto producers. Of course, not all are anti pasto style – we have seen many a dessert grazing station and this summer even delighted a couple with a breakfast grazing table for their sunrise ceremony. The low-key, help-yourself arrangements burst with colour and taste and are likely to remain a very popular option for late afternoon ceremonies without a formal, sit down dinner, as a cocktail-hour offering before dinner or even as a late-night food option.

Creative Small Plates

Small plates will be a continued focus for weddings, whether served via stations or as a multi-course plated tasting dinner similar to the more formal degustation. This trend allows guests to enjoy multiple options and to try a variety of dishes and flavours, not to mention being very pandemic-friendly with individual serves presented rather than the alternative on-trend shared catering styles.

Covered Cuisine

Glass cloches have been a food preservation catering staple for many years, however they are being used in new and interesting ways with the rise of individual servings in catering trends. These gorgeous glass domes that make tray-service possible (as well as photo-worthy) during a global pandemic are a beautiful option to keep your catering covered and hygienic. Small plated meals can also be brought out with cloches covering them as they are no longer reserved just for cakes and deserts. We love how these glass domes add drama and beauty to the dining experience and in this case, they can be just as beautiful as florals and other wedding décor.

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