The role of the on-the-day wedding coordinator

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Imagine this – you have spent months planning your dream day; hand picking your wedding vendors, choosing colour schemes and agonising over the seating plan. You reconfirm your vendors a couple of weeks out, finalise all the little details and get ready to begin the countdown to the big day.

All is going exactly to plan, then disaster strikes! You have just had a phone call to say the photo booth you booked 5 months ago is out of action and the venue has just advised that you can’t access the venue to set up until the day of your wedding – not the day before as you had planned. The stress sets in. How are you going to find another photo booth at such short notice and how will you get your venue set up just as you imagined – now you won’t get a first glimpse until you arrive for the reception.

It’s at about this point that many couples wish they had engaged the services of an on-the-day wedding coordinator.


What is an on-the-day wedding coordinator?

An on-the-day wedding coordinator is engaged to work on behalf of the wedding couple to bring together the wedding day they have planned, so they can relax and enjoy the lead up and day of their wedding without any stress.

An on-the-day wedding coordinator will usually start working with you 6-8 weeks out from your wedding and help you finalise your day-of run sheet and re-confirm all your wedding suppliers.


How is an on-the day wedding coordinator different to a wedding planner?

A full service wedding planner is usually engaged very early in the planning process. In fact, they are often the first wedding vendor that is booked. A wedding planner helps a couple prepare their budget, research and confirm wedding vendors and offers advice regarding all aspects of your wedding. Most wedding planners also coordinate the day on behalf of their couples.

On the other hand, an on-the-day wedding coordinator is there to coordinate the final lead up to the wedding day you have already planned, including the ceremony rehearsal, and manage all the on-the-day elements such as important deliveries, venue set-up and styling, catering, and arrival of guests, just to name a few.


What are some of the more specific tasks of a wedding day coordinator?

They tailor the timeline – for setup and the wedding day around 6-8 weeks out to ensure the day flows well and enough time is allowed for the important aspects of the day. This is put together with the wedding couple.

They re-confirm & coordinate – all of the wedding day vendors booked by the couple to ensure set up goes as planned and vendors are in the right place, at the right time, providing the right service.

They deliver the detail – for all the on-the-day activities. This often includes but is not limited to:

  • Delivering bouquets and buttonholes to the bridal party and family members
  • Helping the bridal party with their attire – tying ties, shining shoes, buttoning wedding dresses, checking collars etc.
  • Coordinating family photos with the MC and photographer
  • Guiding the bridal party into the ceremony and reception venues
  • Final check off of seating arrangements
  • Checking placement of florals, cake, menus, favours, guest book, gift table etc.
  • Adjusting lighting and sound levels at the venue to create the perfect ambience
  • Cueing the celebrant, MC, speeches, musicians, food service to keep the wedding day flowing
  • Arrangement of transport for the couple to get to their wedding night accommodation; including ensuring overnight bags are with the couple or at the accommodation
  • Ensuring all guests travel home safely and the venue is cleared of personal items i.e. hired styling items, presents, cards, guest book etc.


Kate Blundell, Wedding Coordinator

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How do I book an on-the-day wedding coordinator?

Contact Kate and the Collective Concepts team!

We can provide a professional and friendly coordination service to offer support and advice in the lead up to your wedding.

You will meet with your wedding day coordinator prior to the day so they are fully briefed and you can confidently hand the details over to them to take care of.

Your coordinator will then be onsite to manage all the on-the-day elements so you can enjoy being pampered and prepare for the day.

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