Wedding day roles: Wedding planner, coordinator, or stylist?

Kate Blundell, Christchurch Wedding Planner and Event CoordinatorYour wedding day is one of the most important occasions you will plan in your lifetime, so it is no surprise that you may be looking for a little guidance from a professional to help you create your dream wedding. As a professional wedding planner, I am often asked the difference between the wedding day roles of a wedding planner, wedding coordinator and a wedding stylist, so to help you pick the best wedding planning support for your day, let me explain.

A wedding planner

A wedding planner will research, plan and deliver your wedding right down to the very last detail. They are a trusted professional with extensive industry knowledge, experience and connections. If you dream it, they can make it happen (budget permitting of course!). From helping you prepare a budget and understand your wedding style, a planner takes away the stress and negotiations of sourcing venues, celebrants, caterers, florists and much more. They will present you with ideas and plans for you to approve, adore and get excited about.

On the day, the planner will shift into a coordination role, quietly looking after everything from behind the scenes, so you can immerse yourself in the joy of the day without getting deep into the details.

A wedding coordinatorKate Blundell, Christchurch Wedding Planner and Event Coordinator

A good wedding coordinator is not only concerned with the ‘on the day’ elements of your wedding but will start working with you from around six to eight weeks prior to your wedding day to make sure all the final details are in place and they understand exactly how you have planned for your day to run. In essence the coordinator makes sure that all of your own planning is delivered on your wedding day, just as you had dreamed it would be. Like wedding planners, they have an eye for the finer details, will ensure the day runs as scheduled, and will take care of any unexpected situations while removing the stress from you and your loved ones, so you can get down to creating magical memories.

A wedding stylist

Be it bohemian chic, vintage and floral filled, or contemporary and classy – each wedding needs a style, whether it’s strong or subtly added to the day. This is where a wedding stylist comes in. They will help you with the creative aspects of the day, often engaged before the invitations need to be designed, and ensure that the style you desire is carried through in the most fitting and beautiful way. Their main focus is the look of the nuptials – all the other details for your dream wedding are up to you, or your wedding planner!

Wedding planners, coordinators and stylists cost

Starting rates for professional and experienced wedding planning, coordination and styling services varies from planner to planner and stylist to stylist, based on their experience and services offered.

Collective Concepts 2022/2023 rates:
Wedding day coordination – from $2950
Full Service Wedding planning – from $5450
DIY wedding styling and wedding coordination package – from $3950
Bespoke wedding styling – from $4500

All wedding planners, coordinators and stylists will be delighted to tailor a package to suit your specific wedding day requirements; including date, location, guest numbers, etc. It is never too early to get in touch for a consultation or quote, as sought after wedding planners and stylists book up quickly, so as soon as you know you want to engage a professional… get in touch!

*As seen in Canterbury Bride 2020

Whether you have already started planning or are newly engaged contact us to book your complimentary, obligations free consultation to discuss how we can help you create your perfect wedding!

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