Wedding Food and Beverage Trends for 2017

I love this time of year when I get to start looking to the future and see what is trending in the world of wedding food and beverage. So, after more hours spent drooling over delicious food online than I care to publically acknowledge, I have narrowed the list of my favourite weddings food and beverage trends for 2017 down to a degustation of six. Enjoy!

Credit: Marcus Braun, Pastry Chef

Mini sized everything

I think the rule is ‘it just tastes better bite sized’! There is something pretty cute about mini sized food items and it offers a great way for your guests to indulge in a little taste of many morsels. This trend works for savoury and sweet food and can be incorporated into the canapé and drinks part of your day or even the main meal if you are having a more informal or food station style of reception.

For a flavour hit you can’t go past mini tacos, sliders or savoury tartlets with a mixture of fillings. A selection of mini dessert treats is sure to give your guests a sweet ending to a wonderful day too!




DIY stations

We all know that many of us can’t sit still and we all love to be entertained, so why not satisfy these traits and have a DIY station at your wedding. Guests will love this modern take on the traditional buffet style menu as it puts them in control of what they are eating and gets them up and about chatting to other guests.

A few great DIY stations I have seen include a Caesar salad bar where you choose what goes in your salad, a waffle or pancake bar (great for brunch time wedding receptions!) and even a design your own sushi bar complete with a chef to roll and cut it for you once you’ve chosen your fillings!



Credit: Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism

Food trucks

In 2016, as predicted, we saw a big resurgence in street food and it doesn’t look to be slowing up anytime soon. Gone are the days when street food in New Zealand was limited to hotdogs on a stick; we have now embraced our melting pot of cultures and food truck dining has become much more of a dining experience.

Much like the mini sized foods trend, bringing along a few food trucks to your wedding also ticks the entertainment box as the trucks create a talking point and opportunity to get in and experience the taste of multiple foods over a period of time.

If you are just looking for a touch of the food truck experience consider getting a gelato and coffee cart in for dessert or a Mexican food caravan to provide an afternoon of fresh and tasty delights while you are off getting your photos taken.


Donut walls

Credit: Pinterest

Move over cupcake towers, the donut wall is here! Now, this trend has really taken off in the US this wedding season; and who is surprised as no one can go past a sweet, sticky donut!

Here’s how to works. Choose a hanging design or picture, choose your favourite donut flavours, decorate the donuts so when they are hung up they create the donut wall design or picture, hang the donuts and watch your guests admire your artistic dessert before they help you to devour it!





Credit: Pinterest

Cocktails and Canapés

This trend takes food and beverage matching to a whole new level! While pairing food and wine or even food and beer has been around for years this takes things that little bit further. Little tasting glasses, bottles or jars filled with a cocktail “shot” sit alongside canapé style foods and are designed to be devoured as a perfect little pair to create the ultimate taste explosion. My favourite summer wedding combination is Pimms and fishcakes with a citrus and chilli dipping sauce!




Own brew

Credit: Pinterest

This is more than just serving a signature cocktail at your wedding. This trend takes lots of time and lots of love to perfect. Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a craft beer brewer to perhaps you have a penchant for wine making? Brewing or blending your own tipple takes personalised wedding drinks to a whole new level.

The taste isn’t the only unique component here either. You could also create your own bottle labels that bring in other aspects of your wedding day style. And did I mention, what a great wedding favour idea for your guests!


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