Wedding Invitation Trends for 2022 & 2023

Floral wedding invitation

Wedding invitations are the first look your guests will get of your wedding; giving them a glimpse of your big day, sparking not only curiosity, but anticipation. Just as your choice of décor, dress and florals reflect your over-all vision and you as a couple, so too should your wedding invitation. We have compiled a list of the hottest trends for wedding invitations this season: from stunning colour palettes to trending materials, ready to help you showcase your style and personality.

Change the Dates (the unwanted trend of 2020 and 2021)

Covid-19 has given cause for many couples to postpone or reimagine their wedding day. As we bounced in and out of levels in 2020 (and now again in 2021), and watched the world relapse into lockdown after lockdown, this wedding invitation trend has been keeping guests (and couples) busy the world over! We have lost count of the number of weddings that have been postponed locally. Let’s hope this trend doesn’t stick around too much longer.

Wedding Websites

The digital invite of the 2020’s. We have discussed the incredible features wedding websites offer couples in our previous blog and in the current climate they are instrumental in keeping guests up to date with all the information they need as well as any changes or postponements. With just the click of a mouse or touch of your phone, you can re-direct guests to where they need to be. Wedding websites are amazingly user friendly, very reasonably priced – in most cases, free and can be customised to essentially any design or colour theme.

Eco-friendly Materials

With the ever-increasing trend of making weddings more sustainable, why not consider making your wedding invitations eco-friendly? Going paper free with digital invites offers the lowest carbon footprint, followed by sustainably sourced card stock or recycled papers with vegetable-based inks for printing. Foregoing decorative elements that are not biodegradable such as glitter, ribbons and plastic stickers are further eco-friendly alternatives for your sustainable invitations.

Pressed flowers and Water colour Invites

An exciting trend gaining popularity is that of genuine pressed flowers. Luxe and elegant, this unique trend calls for the ultimate in individualism making your invitations the stand out in design.

Moody hues are taking the lead in water colour designs. Deep blues and burgundies stain the page creating a contemporary and edgy elegance.

Many couples are also bringing pressed flowers and water colours into their wedding cake designs.

Vellum overlay

2021 has definitely become the year of dreamy romantic, and in stationery terms, we can see this with the use of vellum. Vellum is a semi-translucent, delicate material that can add that ethereal feel we are all looking for this season and next. It can be used on its own, or overlaid onto cardstock of various colours or prints. It can be slick and minimalistic, or luxurious and ornate. 

Warm 70’s Vintage colours

Fashion is constantly revolving and evolving, and before we know it what is old, is new again – especially with the warm, 70’s vibes for wedding stationery that is coming through this 2022/23 wedding season.

Burnt orange, dusty rose, chocolate browns and cream hues are taking over the stationery scene. Celebrity event planner Brett Galley, says the retro-inspired colour palettes will evoke a sense of comfort and tranquility (which everyone could benefit from right now). Throw it back to the ’70s for your wedding stationery by using this chic, on-trend colour palette.


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Whether it be DIY or you engage a graphic designer to create your invitations, this season’s trends are nothing short of chic, romantic, and sophisticated. Check out our Pinterest board here for more invitation ideas and see our 2022/2023 wedding planning trends blog for even more on trend planning inspiration.


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