Why Hire a Wedding Planner?        7E9A1160 (2) (Small)

Your wedding is a very personal and special event but along with the excitement it can be quite daunting considering the amount of organisation involved in putting together a memorable day for you and your guests. Our wedding planners can help!

Not all wedding planning tasks are fun, let us take care of the less-exciting stuff so you can focus on the tasks that truly excite you. Our wedding planners, along with a flair for the creative, have business acumen which helps them to keep track of the budget and negotiate the best deal with suppliers on your behalf. Even once confirmed there is a great deal of liaising with venues and suppliers including endless emails exchanged throughout the planning period. Your wedding planner can be the chief liaison so you just have the one point of contact, saving you time and ensuring a lot less stress.

Our wedding planners are experienced and knowledgeable about the Canterbury region, this means they can give accurate advice on what venues will best suit the style of wedding you are wanting and when sourcing quotes from suppliers they know the right questions to ask to ensure you will get what you’re wanting.

Wedding planners are very good budgeters and can even SAVE you money. Having planned many more weddings than most brides or grooms a wedding planner can spot when aKJK-118 (Small) supplier’s price is exorbitant and equally know when a price is too low and quality is at risk. There are no hidden costs with Weddings by Collective Concepts, all our services are discussed and agreed upon up front and included in your wedding budget.

If a stress-free, romantic, and memorable (for all the right reasons) wedding is what you are wanting, Weddings by Collective Concepts is here to help!